Lovely Songs & Lyrics

Walden Pond

artist: Atta Boy
mood: serene

favorite verse: "...And I hope it's testified
For you the best had been denied."

why it matters: this song speaks to me in so many ways. not only do I love the mellow, hopeful tune, but I first heard it on an hour long drive between work and home, when I was feeling really lonely. In the song, it talks about being a daughter who  travels miles across county lines. hearing that made me understand that these hard 'treks to work won't last forever, and perhaps one day when I look back, I might actually miss my mindless days of driving. <3 

Punks and Poets

artist: Elliot Root

favorite verse: "If it's all just the same We could watch it burn Or live instead"
why it matters: Is it alteration? Jk. That's just a lyric in the song that I like, but not enough to claim it as my favorite. this song sticks out to me because it gives the responsibility of happiness to the listener, putting the ball in their court as to what to do with the grand 'ol question of "create" or "destroy." I mean, at the end of the day aren't punks and poets just vulnerable  rebels who are committed to their unwavering disposition? 

Pedestrian at Best

artist: Courtney Barnett

favorite verse: "My internal monologue is saturated analog, It's scratched and drifting, I've become attached to the idea, It's all a shifting dream, bittersweet philosophy."

why it matters: holy emotional indecisiveness. this song is everything I am, am not, and want to be all wrapped into a big ball of a mess. I'm obsessed. Courtney is poetic, wordy, clever and grungy. making her the perfect mix of sour delight and sweet disgust. seeing her perform live at the hangout music festival the Sunday after she performed on SNL, was an honor.

They Think We're Stupid

artist: Ezra Bell
favorite verse:
"Come lay beside me And we will share the weight. There's no shame to say you're scared, When we are all, we are all,  we are all afraid."

why it matters: This song really lights me up. I think it's the "scatting" haha. I love the instruments in this song, the lyrics and the life that jumps out at you when listening to it.

Come on Eileen

artist: Dexys Midnight Runners

mood: light-hearted

favorite verse: "...We are far to young and clever."

why it matters: because my middle name is Elaine. and this song makes me wish it was Eileen. a girl can dream! ...and dance and boy, does she do it when this one comes on! I literally smile and sing everytime I hear this song. It reminds me of the movie "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," in which I literally bought the soundtrack for BECAUSE this song was on it. Good movie, better music. <3

Like Gold

artist: Vance Joy (he's so nice!!)
mood: aching

favorite verse: "Started with a word...Now, look at where we are. Everything we've done, Is there on our faces for anyone willing to...Read between the lines."

why it matters: everyone has a song for longing. this one reminds me how far I've come, but that I still yearn for parts of myself and bits of my life that will remain in memories. It's bittersweet to listen to but I believe songs like this one are necessary.