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TV Personality & Content Creator who inspires the world with victory stories!

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Once Upon a Tori


Do you crave a life of love and positivity? Discover tips for spiritual wellness, cultivating joy and living a #RealAndFulfilled life over on my blog, Once Upon a Tori.
I'm a lady-of-all-trades, so I sprinkle in a few recipes and pet stories, too!



Back in 2017, I became a TV Personality in Mobile for The Gulf Coast CW, a local television station affiliate to The CW Network. My job is to promote the station and spread the word about events and businesses on the coast!

Contagious Victories


A mindful podcast that celebrates life, inspires creativity and brings passionate people together for engaging conversations. 

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Hello New Friend, I'm Tori <3

My partner Dylan and I have tons of fun traveling all over the Gulf Coast. We create content and and promote local coastal events in the area. Check out my channel over on the 'Tube to view a few highlights and some of our random adventures.