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I'm a TV Personality & Content Creator
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About Me



In 2017, I became a TV Personality in Mobile for The Gulf Coast CW, a local television station and affiliate to The CW Network. I love connecting people to what we offer on the coast and aim to help local businesses grow socially! Visit to find out more.



From yoga and wellness to creative challenges, I have a ton of ideas guaranteed to make you excited to be ALIVE on the Gulf Coast. There’s never a better time to take a chance on a lifestyle you're sure to love! 

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Once Upon a Tori


Read all about my adorable pet dog, Daisy or discover tips for staying positive and more — all over on the Once Upon a Tori blog. Write and share a story, poem or tip of your own then send it my way!  

(Bonus points if you share something hilarious about your pet)

Tori on YouTube

Contagious Victories: Meet Tori

My partner Dylan and I have tons of fun traveling all over the Gulf Coast. Go subscribe to my channel over on the 'Tube to view a few life-highlights and  random creativeness. Who knows what we'll be up to next!

Tori on TV

In 2017, Tori Blackmon was picked to represent The Gulf Coast CW as The Gulf Coast CW Star. It's her job to get the word out about all fun, local events and businesses! Take a look at what she's been doing. For information on how to work with The Gulf Coast CW, please email

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